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Start a new chapter in your life and join the Alternative Perspective Travel Circle! Our company offers several career options based on your unique skills and interest. Whether you want to earn money from sharing content and booking travel, make sales from building niche specific trips of your own, or want to grow your own business we can help supplement your income and ultimately travel more affordably while you do it! Please check out our positions and learn about the travel careers we have to offer.

Travel Consultant

Take the next step in your partnership with Alternative Perspective Travel and be a Travel Consultant! This is a perfect position for those wanting extra income.  As a Travel Consultant, your earn a commission of 25% for every referral you make in the Travel Circle and every sale you make from our Alt-Venture Kits shop. You can attach your customized partner affiliate links to any of your own content and passively earn income, or attach your links directly to a product in our shop and recommend cool day trips! You chose how fast you want to increase your income, what hours you want to work, and when.  You can work from home or while you are traveling and seeing the world!  Alt Perspective Travel provides you all the tools and resources so you can build the future you want to have!


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Alt-Venture Creator

Alt Perspective Travel is the first social media platform for travel, providing a massive audience that is specifically looking for your unique content! This is the perfect position for those with a creative eye and willingness to put together unique day trips catered to what you are interested in most. As an Alt-Venture Creator, your earn a commission of 30% for every referral you make in the Travel Circle and every sale you make from our Alt-Venture Kits shop. In addition, you earn a Creator bonus on any sales from day trips that you build! Building fully planned day trips based on your interests is an ideal way to target a specific niche audience so when potential travelers are looking for a weekend getaway or a vacation destination, your trips are recommended first giving you more chances at earning commissions!


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With many jobs, you work most of the year so you can have a few weeks off to travel.  As an Alt-Travel Agent, your earn a commission of 35% for every referral you make in the Travel Circle and every sale you make from our Alt-Venture Kits shop. In addition you receive advanced training to become IATA accredited and gain access to globally recognized travel portals such as Globus and Viator! Your Agent commissions are set at 35% for every tour or vacation package that you booked in these portals increasing your opportunities to make money! With no desk fees, recurring monthly dues, or set hours, becoming an Alt-Agent with us is as close to a dream as you can get. Gaining knowledge to book travel for guests allows you to grow your clientele base and work at whatever pace you want and with all of the revenue streams available to you, you will never be out of work!


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Business Partner

Building a strong partnership with businesses around the world and supporting local travel is one of our founding principles. As a Business Partner, your earn a commission of 30% for every referral you make in the Travel Circle, every sale you make from our Alt-Venture Kits shop, plus you receive additional opportunities to advertise your services to guests booking travel through us! Within the Travel Circle you will have access to unlimited potential customers, opportunities to advertise and offer exclusive coupons to Travel Circle partners, and receive steady revenue streams that no other company can offer. With the backing of our unique travel community and support of a company willing to help your business scale up, you can readily see passive income being made with new customers looking for your services. Let us help your business grow by using meaningful content to stand out from the crowd!


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