Official Rules!

After signing up in the Travel Circle, your 10,000 Alt-Points will be available immediately. As soon as you set up your basic profile as specified in the rules below, your $100 bonus will be awarded as a credit to your account. You will be eligible to withdraw your $100 bonus once you have signed up 10 new friends! Any commissions earned from Travel Circle sign up or sales in our Alt-Venture Kits shop will be available to withdraw at any time once you meet the $10 minimum threshold.

To become eligible for the $100 promotion you must:

Have been signed up in the Travel Circle as a Travel Consultant, Alt-Venture Creator, Alt-Travel Agent, or Business Partner as detailed below or from our Join the Travel Circle page. To be a part of the Travel Circle you must also agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Have returned a contact form to Alternative Perspective Travel for the purposes of setting up social links in the backend of your profile and to obtain PayPal information for the purposes of paying out commissions to you. You will receive the contact form information in your Welcome Email!

Have set up the basics of your profile meaning change your profile picture, set a cover photo, and create a photo album with a minimum of 3-5 photos in it. You earn Alt-Points for everything you do in the Travel Circle so you will see points accrue for finishing the basic set up of your profile.

Have signed up 10 new Travel Circle partners! As soon as this step has been completed, you are eligible to withdraw your $100 credit. If you do not finish the promotion, you will still be eligible to withdraw any commissions made from sign ups generated so long as you meet the $10 minimum threshold.

*Commissions are accrued from any sign up made in the Travel Circle as well as all sales generated from our Alt-Venture Kits shop if you are an Alt-Venture Creator. Your commission structure is determined based on what partner subscription you choose down below. All of the subscriptions below count towards your $100 promotion and new sign ups are not required to complete these rules as specified unless they want to qualify for the $100 promotion. For any questions regarding eligibility, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or email

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