Travel Circle Benefits

What are Alt-Points?

Just one of many reasons to
be a part of the Travel Circle!

Alt-Travel Points are an awesome benefit for being part of the Travel Circle! Points build up quickly in your account and can be used to get Alt-Venture Kits and fun travel gear in our shop for FREE!

Every positive interaction you make and every piece of content you share, or link you create within the Travel Circle earns you Alt-Points. You can always expect to get something back from being here.

10 Ways to Earn Points

Unlike other social media platforms, we reward you for your valuable time and content!

  • Joining the Travel Circle- Earns You 500 Points!
  • Logging in and Changing Your Profile Picture
  • Uploading Photos, Videos, and Blog Entries
  • Adding Descriptions and Titles to Your Content
  • Liking and Commenting on Others Content
  • Rating Photos and Adding Your Favorites
  • Joining Groups and Commenting on Forums
  • Creating Groups of Your Own in a Niche That Interests You
  • Sharing Your Partner Affiliate Code and Referring Someone
  • Making New Friends!

Converting Your Points

The more you share, the more click throughs you get, and the more points you earn!

  1. 500 Points=$1.00 in credit towards an Alt-Venture Kit!
  2. Browse our catalog to find exclusive trips to use your points on!
  3. When you are ready to book a trip, browse all of our fully planned day trips here.
  4. Submit a request to cash in your points and receive an exclusive coupon to save money on your trip plans!
  5. When you get back from your awesome day trip, share your photos and earn even more points.

Tracking Your Points

You can track your point balance straight from your profile and see where your points are being accrued from! Here is how to track your points.

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Hit the button ‘More’ on the right hand side.
  3. From this drop down menu, hit the tab ‘My History.’
  4. Your history will show a complete record of where your points are earned and what your total balance is.
  5. Use this feature along with the ‘Statistics’ tab in your Affiliate Area to track your engagement!

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